Tuesday, November 9, 2010



I was afraid. I knew Master was working me up to being used in a more public manner, but I had never even had sex with someone watching. So you can imagine how I felt about ‘playing in public’.

Sensing my fear Master spoke softly in my ear.

“This is what you wanted, my pet. Remember you asked Master to push your boundries with voyeurism. I know the thought of this turns you on, but you must be a good girl and trust your Master.”

My eyes went wide. I did trust Master, I trusted him implicitly with my body, my needs, my safety. I did not want him to believe any different, I realized my actions were not only counterproductive to my growth, but they made Master think I did not place all of my trust in him.

Taking a deep breath and swallowing hard around the lump that had arisen in my throat, I submitted to his touch and command. Master opened the window wide enough for everyone passing to either see or hear what was going on inside. Having parked in a high traffic area, I knew we would get the audience we both craved.

Master released my breast from the confines of my dress, and asked me to spread my legs wide for him. Not knowing what would come next was the most thrilling part, and when he pinched my clit so hard I yelped out in surprise and pain, drawing so many eyes to the car. I knew Master was just getting started and this was going to be one very wild ride, but I was ready for him to take me anywhere.

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