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Urban Camouflage

Hint: The give-a-ways are the rifle and the helment.

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Tan Lines

Bet you did not notice them when first looking at this image.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


My first lover had a slip like this. It was a form fitting bra, almost like a basque with a slip attached to it. It was black and not as sheer as this and she wore a black garter belt and black stockings. She had on high heeled pumps.
She lived out in the country in a century old stone two-story farm house and we played out a fantasy we both wanted to share. She wanted to be taken...well "raped" actually. She called my home and told me she would be ready in the 15 minutes it would take to drive out to her place. I took my time so as to increase both her and my expectation and then shut off my headlights about 500 meters from her lane and shut the engine down for the last 100 meters and glided to a quiet stop at the end of her lane. I got out and sneaked to the back of the house where I knew the access door to the sub-basement was and turned on my flashlight to light my way so as to maintain a quiet stealth.
I could hear her walking above me, the hard sharp click of her heels making its way through the flooring. I undressed in the sub-luminescence of my flashlight and waited for her to pace past the door leading to the main floor. When the moment appear right I burst from the door and grabbed her and thrust her to the nearest bed next to the door - her parent's room - and threw her bodily onto the bed. It was an old wrought ironed bed and creaked mightily at the abuse of her body and mine falling on it. She scrambled to get away and I pinioned her arms down while falling bodily between her legs. She fought hard and I had to hold both wrists with one hand as I un-weighted from the bed and scrambled for the top draw of her mother's dresser for some pantyhose to tie her up with.
Her heels cut into my thighs and she screamed and fought hard but I was able to tie both wrist to the center of the headboard. Her legs kicked at me and a heel point glanced a blow at the bridge of my nose, cutting flesh. Finally I was able to control her legs by gripping her ankles and entered her. She continued to fight through my urgent thrusts and her spirit and force only made me harder. I grasped the hem of her lingerie and pulled it up over her face and spread her legs wider to penetrate her deeper.
She was almost completely quiet now except for her soft moans as we fucked. The bed creaked at each thrust and the headboard banged a tattoo of our coupling. I told her I was going to cum inside her and those words initiated more resistance until I could not contain myself and I found release in her softness and her resistance.
We recovered together and then she stepped into her role as the victim and started us on the next segment of our role play. With her hands now bound behind her I pushed and pulled her to her upstairs room and tied her spread-eagled on her front to her bed and enjoyed slowly teasing her by sliding her slip up her stocking clad legs and licking her stockings and thighs until I was between her ass. I rimmed her as she "begged" me not to do "that" to her. That she would submit to anything but "that".
I spit on the crack of her ass and masturbated using her ass cheeks and she licked me clean after I came, sucking me gently and talking softly to me about how good her pussy was and how she would be of use to me.
I acquiesced and untied her and I lay on the bed and she mounted me and played the role of my slut. She loved me and told me the things I love to hear as we fucked and her long strawberry blond hair wiped my face as she writhed on my cock. She came and we lay spent holding each other and then she rose after we rested and walked about the room tantalizing me with her wonderful legs and body. She began to let her hips sway and turned from me and lifted her slip and bent over to tease me and then would drop to her knees and take my hardness into her mouth and repeat her performance telling me I did not need her ass.
Her teasing was effective and on her last pass to my cock as she rose I pulled her onto the bed and on her back and she began to fight anew saying I had "promised" not to take her ass.
That was one night I did not keep my "promise".

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