Monday, June 20, 2011


I’m in school and I start thinking about you – I’ve had such a crush on you all year….I’m always trying to be a good student and make good marks in your class. When I’m alone in bed, playing with my wet little cunt, it’s you I’m thinking about – for some reason, I always think of you as Sir when I start to cum – thinking about how much I would love to feel your hands on me, feel your fingers under my little skirt. I begin thinking about all of this while I’m in your class.

I start squirming in my chair as I feel my pussy swelling and my thong getting damp. I can’t resist squeezing my thighs together to get some relief, but it only makes it worse. I think I must have made a noise, because you’re looking at me strangely. I raise my hand and ask for a bathroom pass. Your eyes stare at my thighs as I walk up to his desk to get the bathroom pass. The little green plaid skirts of our school uniform seem so short. I get all self-conscious as I walk to the front of the classroom, all afraid that there is a wet spot on the back of my skirt.

You hand me the large wooden dowel, which serves as the hall pass. As I grab it from your hand, I realize that my hand can barely fit around its width. A blush comes to my face as I wonder if it’s close to the size of you – wonder if you have a thick cock daddy. You still have one end of it in your hand, and as you watch me blush, you hand it to me and smile. “Hurry back” you say to me.
Licking my suddenly dry lips, I stammer out that I will before turning towards the door. I can feel your eyes on my ass as I walk out of the room. Walking down the hall, I keep staring at the dowel in my hands. The way my fingers fit around it and how I wish I was stroking your cock. I can feel my pussy tingling and start walking even faster. Rushing to be alone in the confines of one of the bathroom stalls in the girls room.

As soon as I reach the bathroom, I quickly lock myself into the stall and place the bathroom pass on the back of the toilet. Pressing myself against the wall, I pull up my skirt and pull my wet panties down. I have to clench my teeth together to keep from moaning when my fingers brushed against my clit. My hips begin rocking to meet my fingers and I could feel my pussy getting hotter and tighter. I was imagining that my fingers were your tongue, daddy, that you were tasting me the way I’ve thought about so many times in my bed. Thinking about the way your tongue would flick over my clit before you bury it deep inside my pussy.

My eyes keep falling on the bathroom pass and my mind flashes to thoughts of how much like your cock it probably is: long, thick and hard. Almost before I realized what I was doing, my hand closes around it and I bring it to my pussy. I couldn't stop myself from crying out as it entered me. The pain bringing tears to my eyes but the pleasure keeping my hips rocking against it, trying to get more.  I can’t help but wish you were able to watch me, knowing you would be surprised at how dirty your good little student is being. I have to stop rubbing my clit, so that I can shove my panties, covered with my wet pussy juices, into my mouth to stop me from screaming out your name. I’m shoving the hard dowel deep into my tight, wet cunt. And, as always when I cum, it is your name that falls from my lips. I could feel my hot cum rolling down the dowel as I exploded onto it. All through my orgasm I kept pumping the dowel in and out as my other hand slid up to pull and twist my nipples.

Slowly I pull the dowel out of me and sink down on the stool. My legs are shaking so hard I need to rest for a minute before I try to go back to class. As I sat there with my head against the cool wall, I glanced down at the dowel in my hand and feel so embarrassed about what I’ve just done…I can’t help but continue with my depravity and bring the makeshift dildo to my mouth so I can lick and suck it clean. I wonder if you’ll be proud or disappointed in me for behaving this way. After, I clean myself up and wash my hands, along with the dowel to make sure all of my juices are off of it.
When I entered the classroom, you are standing at the blackboard with your back to the class, writing a problem out. I was going to place the bathroom pass on your desk before returning to my seat but you held out your hand for it. As I placed it in your hand, your eyes stared into me, almost as if he could read my thoughts about you, about serving you. Before I could turn around and return to my seat, you bring it close to you and I wonder if my scent is still on it, somehow. You slip it into the top drawer of your desk..

Later that night, I bring out a dildo that I bought secretly a few months ago. It makes my insides melt when I touch it against my breasts. I love it imagining that it’s you rubbing your cock on my breasts, Sir. I would love for you to fuck the warm, soft tunnel between them until you cum on my face, in my mouth. I want to do so many things to make you feel good, Sir. I would love for you to use the dildo in my cunt while I suck on you so that I’m moaning around your cock, making it even more pleasurable for you daddy. I know it’s so wrong to feel this way about you, but I can’t help it. I know I’m a nasty little girl to think about making my teacher hard. But, I want you to think about fucking this little girl…I want you to think about me as your little sex slave. I want you to make me call you daddy, while you spank me over your desk. I want to see how far I can push you. I want to misbehave again tomorrow and see what you will do…I make my slutty little pussy cum for the second time that day, thinking about you fucking me.

The next day, while I’m dressing for school, I decide to be extra naughty and not wear any panties under my plaid school girl skirt. I get to your classroom a few minutes early. As I stand in front of your desk, I can feel the cool air moving up my legs, across my ass. I ask you if I can sit at the front of the class today. You stare at me, as if you know just how much I need you, and ask me why. I tell you that I’ve been having some trouble reading the blackboard and I think being closer will help. You stare at me, as if you know just how much I need you. Your eyes get a glassy look…even though it’s warm inside, my nipples are hard and straining against my shirt. You tell me that I can move to sit at the front by your desk.

I turn and slip into my new assigned seat before the other students start coming into the room. Carefully keeping my legs together and my skirt down, I pull my books out of my backpack and lay them on my desk. After I open the book, I lay last night's homework on the corner of my desk so it can be collected later. I fold my hands on the desk and stare at the bulge you have in your pants, thinking of the hour to come. I wonder if I should go through with this, if I’m actually going to be a naughty girl, a dirty slut who teases her teacher.

You pretend to be working on your grade book but I can see your eyes rising every so often to stare at me. No doubt you are thinking of yesterday and a blush steals over my cheeks as I think of how much better today is going to be.

Soon the other kids start coming into the classroom and the bell rings to announce the start of a new school day. You walk around the room collecting the homework from last night while we listen to the morning announcements. I just want you to return to the front of the classroom so I can begin being a naughty girl for you, Sir.

Finally you step up to your desk and write the first problem on the blackboard. I spread my thighs and sink lower in my chair. Slipping a hand under my desk, I pull my skirt up a little. When you turn around to face the class again, you see the faces of 27 students and my wet, trimmed cunt staring back at you.

Hands go up all around me, as the other students want to have the chance to work out the problem on the board. I keep opening and closing my thighs, teasing you so that you never know when you will be able to look into my sweet cunt and when my legs will be demurely closed. This also causes my skirt to slide higher up my legs.
By now you are standing at an angle, your back almost up against the chalkboard so you can face the class most of the time. My left hand has slide into my lap and strokes my clit as I copy the problems off the board onto my paper. Sometimes I let my fingers slip down my pussy lips and into my pussy to get them wet. It feels so good to rub my slippery wet fingers around on my clit. We've only made it to problem 11 before my pussy begins to tingle. I have to get out of here now.

I tug down my skirt and put my left fingers near my mouth like I am chewing on my fingernails when actually I am licking the cum off them.  Are staring at me the entire time – I can’t tell if you’re angry or very turned on. My right hand goes into the air and you immediately call on me.

"May I have a bathroom pass, please?" I respond urgently. Even though I am not touching myself, I can feel my pussy burning hot and tight. I need to get to the privacy of a bathroom, fast.
"You know where it is," you reply. Quickly, I slide from my chair, my thighs opening for him and rush to his desk where I grab the large dowel in my hand before practically fleeing the classroom. Rushing out the door, I try walking quickly to the bathrooms at the end of the hall but I can feel my clit being rubbed between my pussy lips making it difficult to walk. I want to just stop, lean up against a wall and fuck myself with the dowel in the hallway.

Finally I reach the bathroom and close myself into the first stall. As I bend down to look for shoes in any of the other stalls, I remember how many times, I’ve imagined you fucking me bent over like this, Sir. The way your balls would slam against my clit as you pounded harder and faster into your nasty little slut.

Not wasting a second, I reach around behind me and shove the dowel into my drenched cunt crying out as it enters me. My body begins rocking on this makeshift dildo and my mind wanders to special fantasies I have had about you. The one that sticks out in my mind is you making me spend an entire day without clothing, only having clamps on my nipples and a collar with leash around my neck – in that fantasy, you spank me with your hand and a flogger until I am begging for release.
Pleasure rips through my body as I start to cum and I can’t stop myself from calling out your name. Knowing that you probably knew what I was doing was almost as intense as having you there to witness my orgasm. My knees folded and I sank to the floor, my sweaty forehead resting against the cool wall. My pussy continued to throb and slowly pushed the dowel out, my body trembling as it did. I grabbed the dowel in my hand before it could hit the floor.

Using the cool porcelain od myself once again to my feet. I could feel my sticky cum sliding down my thighs and using toilet paper, wiped them clean but didn't try to clean up my soaking pussy. After washing my hands, I returned to my classroom.

Opening the door, I was surprised to see you sitting at your desk. I hadn't realized I was gone long enough for you to finish the group assignment the class had been working on. You looked up at my flush face as I went to my desk.

"Aren't you forgetting something, young lady," you asked when I sat down. My face must have held a puzzled look because you continue. "Where is the class bathroom pass, young lady? Did you forget it?" My face turns beet red as I realize what you are asking.

"I, uh, must have forgotten it in the bathroom," I stammer. "I’m so sorry Sir. I'll go and get it."

"Are you sure you went to the bathroom at all?" you demand.

"Yes, Sir. The ones at the end of this hall," I reply.

"I'll walk with you to make sure that is where you were, young lady," you respond in a stern voice that makes me want to cum again.

Propelling me down the hall by gripping my arm, you march me to the bathrooms, his knuckles brushing against my breast over and over. Without pausing, you walk into the girls' bathroom with me. "Now where is the pass?" you demand.

My hand shook and I felt my pussy start to leak again, as I pointed to the pass on the back of one of the sinks where I had left it. The dowel slips and almost falls out of your hand when you grab it because it’s so wet still from my cum. You almost seem unaware I am with you as you bring the dowel up to your face and smell it with your eyes closed. My pussy begins to tingle again when your tongue snakes out to lick it. Your fist tightens around the dowel and you whisper "Please forgive me, my sweet little slut" before pulling me into a bathroom stall with you.

Closing the door behind us, you sit on the stool. Pulling me down on your lap, you roughly push me back so I am bent over with my head at your ankles. Gripping my ass cheeks you lift my pussy to your mouth and stab me with your tongue. Between murmuring how sweet I taste, you alternate between pushing your tongue deep inside me and flicking my now swollen clit.

I had so many conflicting emotions – this was finally what I had waiting so long for, but it all happened so fast. I was soaking wet, with my pussy juices pouring into your mouth and down my thighs. I knew that I needed even more – I have such a deep need to serve you. I had so many thoughts all at once, but soon all I could think about was the way your tongue and lips were working over my pussy and clit. How your fingers kept brushing against my asshole. With one hand I squeeze and pull at my nipples, the other is on the floor of the bathroom, keeping me from falling over as you attack my hot, wet little cunt with your tongue. I can’t help but move my hips and ass back against you, trying to hold you even tighter against my young cunt, thanking you for making your naughty little cumslut feel so good.

 "Oh, yes daddy. Fuck your dirty little sex slave Sir" I call out as I explode into your mouth, my tight ass bouncing against your upper thighs as I cum. Slowly, your licking and sucking subsides and you help me stand up. You kiss me, possessively, so I can taste my own sweet juices from your lips and tongue. You push me against the stall door, grabbing my tits, and lean into my ear…I get chills all over my body when you tell me that I have to stay after school today for detention. I’ve been a naughty, naughty girl and I’m going to have to be punished.

 The rest of the day, I am an absolute mess…wondering if there is any way I can go home and escape my punishment…wondering if the day will ever be over, so that I can finally feel your discipline. Eventually, the day comes to an end and I slowly make my way to your classroom. When I enter the room, you are sitting at your desk grading papers. You don’t acknowledge me for quite some time…I stand in front of your desk, waiting like a good little girl.
 You don’t look up, but after about 10 minutes, you tell me to take off my bra and top, turn around and bend over the desk behind me, lift up my skirt and show you my naughty little uncovered pussy. I hesitate – unsure of everything at this point – and with one look from you, I feel my cunt start to get wet again and I know I must obey you completely. I turn away to comply with your wishes – I can feel your eyes on me the entire time. The desk feels so cool against my face and I await further orders from you.

 After a few more moments, I hear you get up from your chair and come around your desk. You begin to rub my ass, caressing it really, and tell me that we have to have a talk. I’m trembling with anticipation…I can’t believe you’re finally touching me, I’m finally submitting to you like I’ve fantasized about for so long. You tell me that because I was such a nasty little whore today, you will have to punish me. You ask me how I think I should be punished…I whisper that maybe you could spank me. You order me to speak up…”Please, Sir, spank your dirty whore,” I say louder. You laugh softly, and ask me if that’s true – if I am your whore. If I know what that means – and in that moment, I know that what I’ve felt all along was right – you are strong and dominant. I tell you without hesitation that I am, that I want only to serve you – “I would love to be your sex slave Sir,” I tell you. I feel out of control – totally under your command and at your mercy.

 You tell me that you like that – me calling you daddy – and ask me why I called you that when I was misbehaving so badly earlier. I tell you that it’s because that’s how I’ve thought of you for months – that’s what I call you when you are fucking me in my fantasies. You lean over my body and tell me that I need a lot of discipline – I’ve been even naughtier than you thought. I can’t help but push back at you with my ass. You grab my wrists with one of your hands, using the other to pull my head back by my hair. I’m bent at angle, trying desperately to get closer to you, to look at you. You bend closer to me and kiss me hard before biting my neck.  “We’re going to have to do something about your wiggling. I can’t have you trying to escape from your Sir,” you tell me. You pull off your belt and tie – using one for each of my hands. You tie my wrists to the desk legs, and quickly shove what you can of my top into my mouth. The feeling of being restrained feels so right, as if I can finally relax now that you are in control.

 Without giving me any time to think, you begin to spank me with your hand. You spank me harder and harder, my top is muffling any sounds that I’m making. If you could hear me, you would know that I’m begging for more even as I try to pull away. I am moaning in pleasure as my hips roll to the rhythm of your hands. I’m struggling against you, shaking my head no…you pull my hair again, and with no warning, shove 2 fingers into my wet, aching cunt. “Such a good little whore. Your cunt seems to be enjoying my touch even if you are trying to get away. There’s no need to struggle, my little slut, you aren’t going anywhere now that I finally have you where I want you.”

 You take my shirt out of my mouth, bring your fingers to my lips, telling me that I am to never waste my juices or any of your cum daddy. It must go into one of my holes, even if you cum on my face or my body. I’m moaning now and you shove the top back into my mouth. You tell me that since I was so dirty and have no panties, my shirt is going to get soaked and I’ll have to wear it like that after you are through with me today. This makes me feel so naughty – it’s a white button up shirt and I know everyone will be able to see straight through it when it’s wet. You keep spanking me across my ass, my pussy, my upper thighs…the entire time, you are telling me what a disobedient little slut I am to have teased you all this year.

 I lost count of how many times you spanked me, my hips kept arching up and back as much as I could – trying to get closer to you. I can feel my ass getting hot and know that it has to be bright red from the force you are using to spank me. It hurts but at the same time, it makes my pussy tingle and I can feel the shocks of your hand striking me travel all the way to my clit. It’s making me so hot and wet for you, daddy.  I’m crying out to please discipline me Sir even though I know you can’t hear me. You can tell from my sounds that I’m getting close to cumming. You tell me that I’m not allowed to cum until your cock is in my hot, tight, sweet little pussy.

 You stop spanking me, and inspecting your handiwork, begin to gently knead and lift my ass cheeks as you comment on how red I am. You tell me that you are very pleased that I’m turned on by the pain…it’s rare to find a slave who enjoys it as much as I seem to. You tell me that we will have to experiment with just how much I can take later on.

 Hearing you say that is almost too much – I start trembling, needing release badly now, but I make sure to obey your command Sir. I want to make you proud of your little whore. I whimper as you push my legs farther apart with your foot. I feel like I am as spread out as I can possibly be…my cunt is weeping, utterly swollen, and juices are pouring down my legs. I hear the sound of your zipper coming undone and I start when I feel your fingers on my tight little ass. You tell me to calm down – you’re going to use my wet little pussy for today. But, you will fuck my ass soon – you tell me that’s the appropriate way to keep your slave happy and properly used.

 You lean over me again, taking my shirt out of my mouth. You kiss my lips and forehead, telling me that I’m being such an obedient little girl for daddy. I move my face into your palm, trying to get closer to you. I’m still restrained and I tell you thank you for keeping me tied up. Everything you are doing to me is so perfect – it’s everything I’ve ever dreamed and more. You have me lift up a bit and I feel your hands on my tits…they feel so amazing, so strong.

 I tell you that your slave loves the way you touch me Sir. You start pinching my nipples, pulling them. Your cock is touching the lips of my cunt. You move back and forth, letting my juices flow onto your hard cock. I haven’t seen it, but have fantasized about it every night for months now. I can’t help but push back a bit, wanting to feel more. You smack me on my right breast, hard, and tell me to sit still while my Sir uses his whore.

 I feel like you are trying to torture me, but you tell me that you just want to make sure that your little slut is ready for your cock. You pinch my nipples again, very roughly this time, and shove your stiff, hard, long cock all the way into my pussy in one thrust. I can’t help but cry out – you feel so amazing. You pull on my tits forcefully, using such brutal pressure each time you pull out and drive your cock back into my cunt. You tell me that your slave has such a good, tight little pussy – that she’s making your dick feel amazing. You ask me what I need from you – I tell you that I would love to feel your hot cum deep inside my hot cunt daddy. I’ve dreamed about it so much. You are fucking me violently now, each thrust pushes me into the desk, my arms are so sore from being restrained, my ass is sore from being spanked, and still I beg you for more. I tell you that I want to be sore for days. Your slut wants to remember you fucking me every time I sit down for a week after. I want to sit down in your class tomorrow and not have a choice but relive what we’re doing now.

 You tell me that my Sir wants me to always have my panties off for your class from now on. And, when I come to your house – because you can’t let my hot little cunt go now that you’ve had it – I am not allowed to wear any clothing except a collar and leash. You want full access to my holes at all times, you want me to always know what I am – that I am nothing but your slave now. As I start to cum, you give me permission and I start to squirt all over your cock daddy. You speed up your thrusts and I can tell you are close – “What are you?” you ask me, your breathing getting heavier and heavier…I tell you that I am a slave, a naughty little slut. You grab my tits viciously, making me cry out – “Who do you belong to?” you demand, roughly. As I tell you that I belong to you – only to you Sir – you begin to cum and my pussy is convulsing around your cock. I’m bucking back against you, using every muscle in my tight little cunt to milk you of all your delicious cum.

 You lean over and untie my wrists, and gradually pull out of me. I immediately bring my fingers to my cunt to catch the combination of your cum and my juices. I bring it to my mouth, swallowing it, the taste of us together is absolutely delicious Sir. I drop to my knees and take your cock into my mouth. Cleaning you with my tongue, greedily. You run your fingers through my hair while I lick the remaining cum out of your cock. I look up and you and pressing my cheek into your palm, kissing your fingers, tell you thank you daddy. Thank you for allowing your slave to finally feel your touch. Thank you for punishing me in the way that only you can Sir.

Mmm, I can't wait to stay after class tomorrow

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